Senei Molapo




DSC 1734Mr. Senei Molapo is a MEFMI Programme Manager in the Macroeconomic Management Programme. He joined the Institute in November 2016. His core area of expertise includes Macroeconomic Management in general with special focus in Financial Programming and Policy, Modelling and forecasting, Fiscal Policy Management (Revenue Policy & Admin and Public Expenditure), Government Finance Statistics, National Accounts and Governance issues.

Prior to joining MEFMI, he worked at the Central Bank of Lesotho as an economist from 2015 to 2016, where his work involved developing and maintaining the financial programming framework for policy analysis as well as Modelling and Forecasting. He used the framework to revise and update macroeconomic projections as well as to update the economic outlook and inflation forecasts (Inflation Monitor).  He did extensive economic research and provided advice on a regular basis on economic implications in the form of policy briefs. Mr Molapo also has 7 years’ experience working as a Senior Economist with the Ministry of Finance where he focused on macroeconomic management with specific focus on fiscal policy.

His highly analytical skills saw his appointment as a member of the SACU task committee responsible for trade data reconciliation.  He was also an ad-hoc committee member on the review of SACU revenue formula and task team on GDP compilation.   He also participated in IMF, World Bank and donor meetings, and represented Lesotho in international meetings.

Mr. Molapo has hands on experience in the construction of the Lesotho Social Accounting Matrix and Computable General Equilibrium Modelling Framework (CGE) for policy analysis. Mr. Molapo published a number of research articles including the Determinants of Private Investment in Lesotho, the Demand for International Reserves in Lesotho, Optimal International Reserves in Lesotho, and the Export Led Growth Hypothesis in Lesotho: A Case of the Mining Industry.

Mr. Molapo was an active member of the Lesotho Macroeconomic Working Group and the Lesotho Economic Society. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Economics from the National University of Lesotho, and a Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Accounting from the same university.