Comprehensive approach solution to sustainable financing



African countries require a comprehensive approach, which involves setting feasible, sustainable policies and regulatory frameworks, to achieve sustainable financing, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe deputy governor, Charity Dhliwayo has said.

Addressing delegates from different countries in the region at the annual research and policy seminar organised by MEFMI held in Harare on 20 October, Dhliwayo said re-oriented policies have a better ability to sustain growth and lower poverty.


She said sustainable improvement of the growth momentum would depend on viable and innovative development strategies with global economic conditions.


“Policy measures, therefore, should target diversification sources of economic growth. The future of economic growth and the impact on poverty reduction hinges on policies aimed at structural transformation,” Dhliwayo said.


 “Policies that target legal and regulatory frameworks to make them effective and efficient, policies which advance regional integration, policies, that champion financial inclusion and that highlight innovation in financing of the large infrastructure gap in the region as a whole.”


The research seminar was aimed at fostering dialogue and exchange of knowledge, thereby contributing to the search for solutions and policy recommendations.


MEFMI executive director, Caleb Fundanga told delegates that the research and policy seminars would cumulate in the publication of accepted papers in a peer reviewed journal.


“This is expected to achieve a three-fold effect, strengthen the link between research and policy, enhance the transmission mechanism of policy priorities to researchers and improve the response time to identified policy priorities,” he said.