MEFMI Services

  • Open Scheduled Courses: MEFMI has a comprehensive portfolio of courses that have been developed and are continuously reviewed to cater for public, private and civil society sectors. The training courses are hosted at a variety of regional and international locations

  • In-House & Tailored Programmes: For organisations with identified training needs of ten (10) or more individuals, a customised programme, modified from existing programmes is recommended. The advantages of a customised training programme includes flexibility in content, venue and time as well as cost savings, and trainers with a strategic fit to the organisation as well as assurance of confidentiality of information shared during discussions.

  • E- Learning: Online training compliments the face to face courses as a strategic approach to expanding reach and ensuring quality, sustainable and just-in-time training that is flexible enough to the needs of busy professionals.

  • Consultancy and Advisory Services: Our recognised and vastly experienced experts in economic and financial sector management provide technical assistance and specific needs-based interventions followed by application of customized tools, frameworks and methodologies to engender best practices.

  • Conferences & Seminars: Utilising our vast network of regionally and internationally recognised experts, the Institute organises conferences at different locations to stimulate dialogue and raise awareness on issues of national, regional and global importance.