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MEFMI will be holding its Annual Research and Policy Seminar at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare Zimbabwe on Thursday 9 November 2017.

The Seminar, which aims to foster dialogue and exchange of knowledge in order to contribute to the search for solutions to emerging challenges confronting the region, will be officially opened by the World Bank Country Manager for Zimbabwe Mrs. Mukami Kariuki.  The MEFMI Executive Director, Dr. Caleb Fundanga will also officiate at the seminar which will be attended by scholars and policy practitioners commissioned by MEFMI to conduct research. 

The theme for the seminar is Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development.  The theme is pertinent as most economies in the MEFMI region are still faced with the aftermath of the 2009 global financial crisis, which has led to socio-economic challenges such as low and uneven economic growth, high unemployment rates, increases in poverty, and widening income disparities in our societies.

The papers to be presented will be expected to stimulate discussion and debate on practical and explicit strategies to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development in the MEFMI region. 

The MEFMI Research and Policy Seminar is an annual event that was launched in 2015, with the aim of fostering dialogue and exchange of knowledge, and thus contributing to the search for solutions to emerging challenges confronting our region, through evidence-based policy recommendations. Accepted papers from the Seminar will be published in a peer reviewed journal, the MEFMI Research Journal.

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For further information please contact

Dr. Sehliselo Mpofu, Director, Macroeconomic Management Programme, 9 Earls Road, Alexandra Park, Harare, Zimbabwe
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @mefmiorg