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Few countries have enjoyed as robust recent economic growth as Tanzania. But, as Finance Minister Hon. William Mgimwa suggests, there is still much more to come.It’s a good time to be Tanzanian. Sound social and economic policies, able leadership, increased private sector participation and investment, as well as peace and improved democracy, have helped deliver rapid economic growth over the past two decades that is in the process of transforming the country. Reforms are ongoing, however, as its government sees improved infrastructure and policies as catalysts for further economic growth.

Central banks do have some options on how to deal with the debt burden which is a result of the global financial crisis submitsMr. Russell Silberston, Investec Head of Reserves Management.

Mr Russell Silberston, Head of Reserves Management, provided a range of Alternative Investment Options for Central Bank Reserves that support the central tenets of capital and liquidity preservation while delivering higher returns.