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Posted On 10 Dec 2015 By: BH24 Reporter
BH24 Reporter

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Deputy Governor Dr Kupukile Mlambo has implored African Governments to ring fence their domestic financial systems to ensure that the country does not suffer from shocks such as the 2008 to 2009 global financial and economic crisis.

The inaugural MEFMI Research and Policy Seminar whose main theme is “Improving the Prospects for High and Inclusive Growth” will be held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Thursday 10 December 2015. The Seminar, which will be attended by more than 60 delegates from the MEFMI region, will be officially opened by the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Kupukile Mlambo.

MEFMI   intends to automate its budgeting process and is therefore inviting proposals from reputable firms and individuals for the provision of an off the shelf budgeting, forecasting and reporting system. Click here for more details

Economic recovery for Zimbabwe is an issue that is close to the hearts of most Zimbabweans and the MEFMI region. Discussions by some Economists following a presentation by Mr John Robertson at the MEFMI Policy Seminar held at the Secretariat clearly indicate that the current economic challenges that Zimbabwe is facing are not insurmountable. It was also clear during the discussions that Government must continue to work closely with various stakeholders to develop appropriate reforms and economic strategies for dealing with the difficult situation. Please click here to view the presentation.

MEFMI is holding a Policy Seminar at the Secretariat today, on the topic that is close to the hearts of most Zimbabweans and the region; - Policy Changes Needed for Zimbabwe’s Economic Recovery.  A presentation will be made by Mr John Robertson and the discussant is Mr Ashok Chakravarti.
Both are experts in economics and highly knowledgeable of the prevailing economic situation in Zimbabwe.  The Seminar which is open to everyone is a platform to share thoughts and experiences as well as improve ideas that are beneficial for the development of the MEFMI region and in deed the whole of Africa. 

The Financial Sector Management Programme (FSM) is currently conducting a regional workshop on Intermediate Bank Supervision, Risk Based Supervision and Selected Components of Basel III. 32 participants from 12 member countries including Burundi are in attendance. Most of the participants recently started working in bank supervision departments and the workshop is formally introducing them to bank supervision principles.

By: Neil Merrick, 7 Oct 15
Sovereign wealth funds may help developing countries to manage natural resources but are not a panacea for economic growth, MEFMI’s executive director warned delegates.

By: Neil Merrick | 7 Oct 15

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa must respond to demands for better living standards by taxing natural resources more effectively, an international conference heard this week.

The MEFMI Combined Forum, which has become one of the must-attend high value events for Ministers of Finance and Planning and the Permanent Secretaries as well as Central Bank Governors from the MEFMI region, was officially closed by the Governor of the Bank of Angola, Mr. José Pedro De Morais. In his closing remarks, the Governor urged all officials to implement the excellent policies discussed. Please click here for a copy of his vote of thanks.