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The Multi-Disciplinary Activities (MDA) covers all activities which transcend the three major operational Programmes of MEFMI, namely: Macroeconomic Management, Financial Sector Management and Debt Management. The major activities that fall under the Multi-Disciplinary Activities are:
•    The Executive Fora;
•    The Fellows Development Programme;
•    Human Resources Seminars/Retreats or Workshops; and
•    Training of Trainers.


About the MEFMI Executive Fora
The MEFMI Executive Forahave assisted in the development and sustenance of a crop of more informed policy makers in the region. The policy makers are kept abreast of the current challenges faced by and opportunities open to their countries.


About the Fellows Development Programme
The Fellows Development Programme (FDP) is a unique initiative by MEFMI through which carefully selected high potential professionals in the region can be put through an intensive training and professional exposure to upgrade their competence in key fields. The Fellows are selected from MEFMI client institutions (Ministries of Finance, Economic Planning and Central Banks) on a competitive basis. During their training the Candidate Fellows remain within the client institutions.

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About the Human Resources Managers Seminars/Workshops
For any organization,the Human Resources Department is critical for the implementation of policies, programmes and operations for an effective delivery of goods and services. MEFMI governance structures instituted the human resources seminars/workshop series in order to link the Secretariat capacity building activities with those responsible in the member states.


About Training of Trainers Workshops
The Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop is a practical, overview of the training function in MEFMI capacity building initiatives. The ToT prepares new trainers in the MEFMI region with the critical training skills they require and introduces seasoned practitioners to the latest techniques for delivering meaningful training. The content for this workshop is practical and grounded in real world experiences.  In order to enhance impact, MEFMI uses the latest tools and research techniques that focus on what happens before, during, and after delivering training.

A consolidated approach is used in the identification of potential trained trainers. Thus the Secretariat will take time to review officials in all the client institutions on the basis of their expertise, experience, exposure and performance at some MEFMI activities. Officials deemed to have met the satisfactory level will be called upon to undergo the accelerated training oftrainers’ course.