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Date:               1 – 30 June   2017

Venue:            Online

Day:               6 weeks



While many economies in the MEFMI region are “bank–led”, securities markets also provide an alternative avenue to raise capital for business enterprises. Indeed in some countries the non-bank financial sector entities could play a more significant role in the financial sector due to their larger asset base than deposits taking banking institutions. Building and maintaining confidence in the markets as well as protecting investor’s interest is a primary concern for regulators. Therefore the regulation of stock exchanges, listed entities and firms that operate on those markets is a key aspect for financial regulators.

The regulators of securities markets exercise oversight on listing arrangements, capital markets where trading takes place, the initial and continuing requirements for an entity to be listed. It is also vital for regulators to maintain an understanding of unfolding trends impacting the Institutional investors, retail investors like Collective investment schemes as well as the trading and settlement infrastructure.